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void Session::connect ( const string &  server,
AuthType  atype,
const string &  username,
const string &  resource,
const string &  password,
bool  createuser = false 

Log into a server and authenticate.

See also:
server The server to connect to.
atype The authentication type.
username The username to use.
resource The resource of this session.
password The password for this username.
createuser Whether to attempt to create a new user.

Definition at line 58 of file jabberoo-session.cc.

References csAuthReq, csConnected, csCreateUser, csNotConnected, and judo::ElementStream::reset().

     // If already connected, return
     if (_ConnState == csConnected)

     // Store properties for future use
     _AuthType = atype;
     _ServerID = server;
     _Username = username;
     _Resource = resource;
     _Password = password;

      // If we haven't connected at all, send the stream header
     if (_ConnState == csNotConnected)
        this->reset(); // Reset ElementStream for new connection
        // Transmit opening sequence to establish the XML stream..    
        *this << "<stream:stream to='" << server.c_str()
            << "' xmlns='jabber:client' xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams'>";  
        // Set state properly..
        if (!newuser)
             _ConnState = csAuthReq;
             _ConnState = csCreateUser;
     // Otherwise, attempt to authenicate again     
        if (newuser)
             _ConnState = csCreateUser;

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