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void Session::push ( const char *  data,
int  datasz 
) [virtual]

Push raw XML to the session. The socket connector should call this function to push raw XML through to Jabberoo.

data Character data to give to the session.
datasz Size of the character data to give to the session.

Reimplemented from judo::ElementStream.

Definition at line 164 of file jabberoo-session.cc.

References csNotConnected, disconnect(), evtRecvXML, and evtXMLParserError.

Referenced by operator>>().

     try {
        ElementStream::push(data, datasz);
     } catch (const ElementStream::exception::ParserError& error) {
        // We had a parser error, so nothing's going to be happy
        evtXMLParserError(error.getCode(), error.getMessage());

        // Prevent loops :)
        _ConnState = csNotConnected;
        _StreamStart = false;


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