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jabberoo::Roster Class Reference

#include <jabberoo.hh>

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Detailed Description

A Jabber Roster. A Roster is a list of users, or Roster Items.

Definition at line 611 of file jabberoo.hh.

Public Types

typedef jutil::ValueIterator
< ItemMap::const_iterator,
const Item
typedef map< string, Item,
jutil::CaseInsensitiveCmp > 
typedef jutil::ValueIterator
< ItemMap::iterator, Item
enum  Subscription {
  rsNone, rsTo, rsFrom, rsBoth,

Public Member Functions

const_iterator begin () const
iterator begin ()
bool containsJID (const string &jid) const
void deleteUser (const string &jid)
const_iterator end () const
iterator end ()
void fetch () const
const map< string, set< string > > & getGroups () const
SessiongetSession ()
Rosteroperator<< (const Item &i)
const Roster::Itemoperator[] (const string &jid) const
void reset ()
 Roster (Session &s)
void update (const Item &i)
void update (const Presence &p, Presence::Type prev_type)
void update (const Element &t)

Static Public Member Functions

static string filterJID (const string &jid)
static Subscription translateS10N (const string &stype)
static string translateS10N (Subscription stype)

Public Attributes

Signal3< void, const string
&, bool, Presence::Type,
Marshal< void > > 
Signal0< void, Marshal< void > > evtRefresh

Private Member Functions

void deleteAgent (const Element &iq)
void mergeItemGroups (const string &itemjid, const set< string > &oldgrp, const set< string > &newgrp)
void removeItemFromAllGroups (const Item &item)
void removeItemFromGroup (const string &group, const string &jid)

Private Attributes

map< string, set< string > > _groups
ItemMap _items


class Item


class  Item
class  XCP_InvalidJID

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