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jabberoo::Message Class Reference

#include <jabberoo.hh>

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Detailed Description

A Jabber Message. This class implements most of the methods needed to deal with a Jabber Message.
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Definition at line 231 of file jabberoo.hh.

Public Types

enum  Type {
  mtNormal, mtError, mtChat, mtGroupchat,

Public Member Functions

ElementaddX (const string &tnamespace)
ElementaddX ()
void eraseX (const string &tnamespace)
ElementfindX (const string &tnamespace) const
ElementgetBaseElement ()
const ElementgetBaseElement () const
const string getBody () const
const string getDateTime (const string &format="") const
const string getError () const
const int getErrorCode () const
const string getFrom () const
const string getID () const
const string getSubject () const
const string getThread () const
const string getTo () const
Type getType () const
 Message (const string &jid, const string &body, Type mtype=mtNormal)
 Message (const Element &t)
Message Message::composing () const
Message Message::delivered () const
Message Message::displayed () const
Message replyTo (const string &body) const
void requestComposing ()
void requestDelivered ()
void requestDisplayed ()
void setBody (const string &body)
void setFrom (const string &from)
void setID (const string &id)
void setSubject (const string &subject)
void setThread (const string &thread)
void setTo (const string &to)
void setType (Message::Type mtype)
const string toString () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const string & getDateTimeFormat ()
static void setDateTimeFormat (const string &format)

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int numTypes = 5

Protected Member Functions

 Message (const Message &m, const string &body)

Static Protected Member Functions

static Type translateType (const string &mtype)
static string translateType (Type mtype)

Protected Attributes

Element _base

Private Attributes

time_t _timestamp
Type _type

Static Private Attributes

static string _dtFormat = "%c"

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